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Peroxi-Det Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Orange Ox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Premium All-Purpose
Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner


Heavy-Duty Hydrogen Peroxide Degreaser / Cleaner fortified with d-Limonene

Orange Ox

Pro2xit Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner D-Mineralizer Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Superior General Use Cleaner with
Extra Oxidizing Power


Mineral and Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Looking for a family of high-performing hydrogen peroxide cleaners or a mineral cleaner that is affordable, effective, and is private labeled?

Then you've landed in the right place! Our quality products are manufactured by a well-known and respected chemical manufacturer headquartered in the Midwest. Since 1933, the company has provided high performance cleaning chemicals for the professional JanSan industry and is now making available for private labeling its popular hydrogen peroxide-based Peroxi-Det, Extra-Oxidizing Pro2Xit, D-limonene-fortified Orange-Ox and mineral & toilet bowl cleaner D-Mineralizer.

Our products are compatible with popular wall-mounted dilution dispensers and we offer a 1/2 gallon closed-loop proportioner for select products.

Our private label program provides many extra values:

  • Labeling choice of two standard designs
  • Option of your own design
  • Customized sell-sheets with your logo and contact information
  • Low minimum orders are ideal for smaller distributors
  • Fits most standard wall-mount dilution control systems.

Call us today at 708.476.4756 for more information, pricing, and opportunities.




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